What's happening


In Aubenhausen

Our love for horses and our passion for riding have created the best conditions to do justice to even the very highest expectations.
We would like to invite you to enjoy professional care in a relaxed atmosphere.
Over an area of 12 hectares you can enjoy optimum conditions for sports riding. Excellent riding surface quality allows you to ride in all weather conditions. The well-being of your horses is the greatest desire of our highly experienced  Aubenhausen team.
We are really looking forward to meeting you!
Your hosts, the Werndl family and your Aubenhausen team

Training & support

True Teamwork

The love for horses and the passion for riding describe best our philosophy in Aubenhausen.
To train young horses, bring them up to their chances, to win their heart and to make them enjoy their daily work – that`s what we demand.
Having trained the horses from their early days and supporting them in their further development fascinates so much the more when presenting them at shows for young horses and later in intermediate and Grand Prix shows and championships.


Achieve goals through physical & mental fitness

"Get yourself a rubber ball as you expect it from your horse," as Jessica and Benjamin emphasize time and again. As you train your core muscles, improve coordination, and train your suppleness, you can better control your body and affect your horse more effectively. For this we have developed a 12-week plan for you, together with the sports scientist Marcel Andrä, to optimize the fine tuning between horse and rider. Convince yourself.



The collection

Our range of equestrian products, created with Lamicell, reflect the same quality, elegance and heritage as our horses. Values that run through everything we do.



It's a team game

The success of Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Benjamin Werndl shows that we have chosen the right way with young horses. Most of their horses arrived at the age of three and four years and helped their riders to more than 100 S-wins and 20 medals at German and European Championships of Juniors and Young Riders (2002 – 2005) – an excellent success on the common way of rider and horse. 
Learning in a team inspires every rider. We train together with excellent trainers on sensitive and well-trained horses. It`s conducive to our team spirit to participate together at shows. The riders discover their own potential and the one of their horses when they train with the best. Let`s enjoy learning!


Jessica von Bredow-Werndl

Benjamin Werndl

Social commitment

Taking on responsibility

We are conscious that nothing in life can be taken for granted, that you can´t simply buy good health. People with handicaps are part of all our lives. In a society that works, those who are strong and healthy have a moral obligation to fulfill. Everybody should feel responsible as we do in  Aubenhausen. We also want the handicapped to experience pleasure and joy on the back of horses on a regular basis. Then, the therapeutic effect grows. For animals it makes no difference whether a person is handicapped or not. They often find the direct way towards their riders`soul. Even seriously handicapped people with no legs of their own feel completely confident and experience a wonderful freedom of movement when carried by the horse`s  four healthy legs. In Aubenhausen, we offer you the chance of becoming a sponsor. With the help of a horse or a dog the sponsor can give so much joy to a handicapped person.