The instructors

We work in teams

Benjamin Werndl

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl

Julia Hamberger

Paul Elzenbaumer

Raphael Netz

Familie Werndl

Benjamin, Micaela, Klaus und Jessica Werndl

Horses determine our lives. We have made our dream come true in Aubenhausen. We have got the chance to train horses, to compete with them and to be successful. And we are worried whenever our horses don`t feel good and whenever they are ill. In a word we are passionate. But it`s only with heart and passion that we can move something.

Those responsible

for the horses`well-being

Success is not only achieved by riders and their horses. The back-up team supporting the horses at home and behind the scenes of the showground is absolutely essential. The proper caring for horses is the secret of their well-being and motivation at competitions. We are so fortunate in being able to rely on an experienced and highly successful team.

Alex Psotta

Aniko Hornik

Anna Liebing

Laura Georgi

Malgorzata Kozielska

Our Partner

We can rely on them!

Jonny Hilberath

Dr. Rüdiger Brems